The Works of Jeffrey Patrick Dirlam

Jeff had many talents, especially painting, prose, poetry, stories and music. This page is divided into three links. The first link comprises Jeff's poetry and prose. The second link has photographs of the paintings Jeff did with comments about each. The third link has the music of Jeff.


Prose and Poetry
Jeff's Paintings
Jeff's Music
This page contains many poems, stories and thoughts that Jeff had during his short life. Some of them seem a bit masochistic, others a bit fatalist. Jeff was going through a period in his life where he knew something was wrong with him but he didn't want to worry anyone, especially me, about it so he expressed these feelings in his writing. I found a good percentage of these written on sheets of paper that had been folded up and tucked away in a small wooden box in his belongings. You can definitely see the pattern of Jeff's thinking in some of the poems especially.
Jeff was quite prolific in his painting. He usually painted "dark" subjects, but occassionally he let his "happy" side come through and painted something bright and cheery. I found as many paintings as I could, but I know he painted a lot more than this; they have just gotten lost in the several moves that he made or perhaps he gave some of them to friends. Some are very crude because they were very early works or he was just experimenting, but they all have a special meaning to me!
I have only found one short composition Jeff did on his keyboard. He had some very nice songs on a CD somewhere and I hope to find the missing compositions and add them when I can. He acquired this program that uses short wave files of all sorts of people, sounds, instruments, nature, etc., and then he composed music around these soundbytes. I think he composed 2 or 3 and he sent them to me over the internet. I thought I saved them but I have never been able to find them. I know you would really enjoy his musical creativity in these compositions.
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