Links and information for Wilson's disease

Wilson's Disease Association International The main resource for Wilson's patients and their families

University of Michigan Medical Center Department of Human Genetics The hospital where Jeff was initially treated for Wilson's Disease

The Wilson's disease support group provided by Dr. Robert Stall, MD Put 'subscribe WILSONS-LIST yourName' in message section and send. You will get a confirmation within a day. Use Your real Name, not your email address.

Wilson's Disease: A Clinician's Guide to Recognition, Diagnosis, and Management Dr. Brewer's book for physicians concerning Wilson's disease

Wilson's Disease for the Patient and Family Dr. Brewer's excellent book for patients and families with Wilson's disease

What you should know about Wilson's Disease written by H.Ascher Sellner, MD; President of the Wilson's Disease Association

The Genetics and Inheritance of Wilson's Disease written by H. Ascher Sellner, MD; President of the Wilson's Disease Association

Bethli Wainwright's moving story about her battle with Wilson's disease Bethli lives in New Zealand and her problems started in early childhood

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Information about Wilson's disease

Wilson's Disease resources and information provided by Dr. Robert S. Stall, MD (a Wilson's Disease patient himself!)

Wilson's Disease UK A support group for those in the United Kingdom

Low Copper diet for Wilson's Disease Generally, this is not as important anymore. Once you are on a maintenance medication, the main things to avoid are shellfish and liver products and alcohol if you have cirrhosis of the liver.

Wilson's Disease Center for Excellence Clinic Explains the clinical trial and treatment programs for Wilson's disease patients (this is where Jeff was treated)

American Liver Foundation Information on Liver diseases

An excellent overall description of Wilson's Disease Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and followup care